At Yeguada Lotus, we prioritize the health and functionality of our horses, and this is reflected in our careful selection of mares and stallions from the best bloodlines with exceptional character and movement.

One of our most notable bloodlines is from Rondeño IX and Jordan de Centurion (Elite), resulting in outstanding character and movements that excel in sport dressage. This lineage is traced back to our stud stallion Ocalzo CEN, who consistently produces exceptional foals.

We also specialize in sport dressage through another prominent lineage, which comes from the combination of Fer Bago and Kabileño VIII. Our stud stallion Doctor de Centurion is the result of this union, and he has produced outstanding offspring with exceptional character and movement.

Our stud stallion Despadas Evento carries a bloodline from Claudio Vives, which is renowned for producing foals with impeccable character and all diluted colors. This bloodline is highly sought after by many PRE enthusiasts.

At Yeguada Lotus, we have a particular affinity for the dun gene, and we are proud to have several foals of grullo, dunskin, and dunalino in our stables. These foals are not only beautiful, but also exhibit exceptional movement and character.