About our stud stallions

At Yeguada Lotus, we are proud to introduce our exceptional stud stallions, who are carefully selected for their outstanding qualities and genetic potential. Ocalzo CEN is one of our top stallions, with a bloodline from Rondeño IX and Jordan de Centurion (Elite). He is known for producing foals with exceptional character and movements, making him an ideal choice for breeders looking to produce Pura Raza Española foals that excel in sport dressage. Doctor de Centurion is another outstanding stallion in our stables, with a lineage from Fer Bago and Kabileño VIII. All of our stud stallions at Yeguada Lotus are exceptional in their own right, and we are committed to ensuring their well-being and providing them with the best possible care. With their outstanding qualities and genetic potential, our stud stallions are sure to produce exceptional Pura Raza Española foals that excel in performance and beauty. 

Ocalzo CEN

PRE | 2010 | 171cm | Grand Prix | Jordan de Centurion (Elite) | Rondeño IX | Campeon SICAB, Segovia, FECAB, Zafra (2015) | Subcampeon absoluto de la funcionalidad Asturcab, SACAB-COIN (2015) ... MORE INFO

Doctor de Centurion

PRE | 2018 | 170cm | basic level | Fer Bago | Kabileño VIII (Elite) | Inedito ... MORE INFO


CDE | 2014 | 160cm | medium level | Cremello ... MORE INFO


CDE | 2018 | 164cm | medium level | Smoky Grullo ... MORE INFO