Jabato is an exceptional Lusitano stallion born in 2014 and standing at 160cm tall. He is a registered reproductor at ANCADES and has quickly become one of the most sought-after stallions in the breed.

One of the most unique features of Jabato is his striking cremello coat. This rare coloration sets him apart from other stallions and makes him a memorable presence in any arena. In addition to his coat color, Jabato is also known for his ability to pass on long, flowing manes to his offspring. This trait is highly valued in the breed and makes his offspring even more desirable.

Despite his young age, Jabato has already proven himself as an exceptional athlete and performer. He has a powerful yet graceful movement, with a natural ability to collect and engage. Under saddle, he is a pleasure to work with, displaying exceptional trainability and a willingness to please.

In addition to his athletic abilities, Jabato is also known for his exceptional temperament and character. He is a kind and affectionate stallion, making him a favorite among handlers and riders alike.

At Yeguada Lotus, we are proud to have Jabato as one of our top stud stallions. His unique coat and ability to pass on long manes to his offspring make him a highly desirable sire in the breed. We are excited to watch Jabato continue to develop and produce exceptional foals for years to come.